Is Codespaces going to replace Gitpod?

Is Codespaces going to replace Gitpod?

So I was working on my project on Github when I got a message from one of my peers that Github has launched the β testing mode of a new cloud-based development environment named Github Codespaces. So apparently I researched about it and found it quite interesting.

These days I have noticed that everything is moving on the Cloud. Be it computing or saving resources, the Cloud has become a one-stop solution for everything.

Who knows with the advancement I.O.T and Cloud, even the physical presence of our P.C's may disappear and everything would become Cloud based!

Github Codespaces is an instant cloud-based dev environment which says of giving you a full V.S Code experience. A codespace includes everything you need to develop for a specific repository, including a text editor with syntax highlighting and autocomplete, a terminal, debugging tools, and Git commands, all within GitHub.
You can also install Visual Studio Code extensions in your codespace to add more functionality. This sounds interesting because if that becomes the case I would be able to save a lot of space in my local storage ;).

It assures you that everything right from writing code, building, testing, debugging, and deploying can be done on the development environment in your browser.
Anyone can create a codespace for any public repository, or for any repository owned by their user account. This surely makes life easier!

This would also help to push, pull, merge code right from the browser. The dependency on git would be substantially reduced with this new feature.

You can also contribute code from any device, using the VS Code or your browser. When you create a codespace, you can leave it open for as long as you wish but it will suspend automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity though you can reconnect at any time through Codespaces.

cs.jpg You can follow entire detailed documentation on Codespaces here.

I was very satisfied with this new move by Github until this word struck me: 'Gitpod'. I wondered what role would Gitpod play now?

For those who don't know what Gitpod is; It's similar to Codespaces.

Gitpod provides continuous dev environments for the development flows of common code hosting platforms. You can even run your code on the Gitpod dev environment just by pasting this link before your code URL: URL)

You can run your code hosted on GitLab, GitHub, or Bitbucket repository.

Gitpod launches a prebuilt dev environment with just a single click.


You can follow the entire documentation here.

Gitpod is developed by TypeFox whereas Codespaces is being developed by Github.

Now after comparing the features of both I didn't find any significant difference. I wonder what features can Github include in Codespaces to bring in significant difference with Gitpod!

Any thoughts? :)